Welcome to The Integrated Animal!

We are Lauren McCall and Debby Potts

Lauren McCall and Debby Potts

Lauren McCall and Debby Potts

Since March of 2000 we have been offering our TTouch and Animal Communication services to people and their animals all over the world.

Every person and animal we work with is treated with the greatest care and respect. We understand the connection between people and their animals and strive to enhance that relationship while helping each to be the best they can be. Whether it is overcoming a problem, improving health, enhancing performance or improving communication, we work in a positive, non-judgmental way to help each individual reach their goals.

Working with TTouch and/or animal communication can bring rewards beyond what you might imagine, both for you and your animals. To see what other people have to say about our work, please visit our Testimonial page.

Mission Statement

To support the health and well-being of animals and people through better understanding, communication and proven effective techniques.

In just 15 years, we have:

  • taught 500 workshops in all corners of the globe
  • helped over 6,000 attendees learn TTouch or animal communication
  • worked with over 4,200 people and their animals in private sessions
Lauren McCall

Lauren McCall

We have worked (together or separately) with a number of organizations. A partial list includes:

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, The Tokyo Veterinary University, many vet clinics, 6 different pet schools in Japan, the Portland Community College Veterinary Technology students, Project Pooch, the Portland Veterinary Medical Association, Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital, the Oregon Humane Society, the Oregon Zoo, the Cat Adoption Team, the national headquarters for the House Rabbit Society in California, Cedar Hill Animal Sanctuary, Canine Good Citizen organization of Japan, various dog clubs and schools in the US and Japan, the California-based non-profit, Assisi International Animal Institute and lectured at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conferences.

Debby Potts

Debby Potts

How it all began

One day in early 2000, we were sitting over a plate of French fries and a glass of cider, talking about life and pondering the future. Debby had been teaching TTEAM and TTouch for 16 years and wished there was something she could do to add more life to her business. Lauren had become a TTouch practitioner after a 21 year career in international marketing. She was ready to move on from her job as Executive Director of the TTouch organization, and was looking to launch her business with animals. Working together seemed like an excellent way to blend our complimentary talents. Shortly after that, The Integrated Animal was created.

By the way, many people have complimented us on the name “The Integrated Animal.” Lauren came up with that on a flight from Santa Fe to Portland while doodling on a cocktail napkin!